We’re ARRL Famous, for Now


The date was September 10, 2015. The time was approximately 2:00 p.m. local. The phone rings; it’s from Hartford, CT. There’s only one place that could be calling me from there.

I knew it could be either good or bad. Best case scenario, maybe we won another contest that we forgot we entered. Or, maybe our field day log was jacked up and they’re throwing out the whole thing.

I nervously answered. Bob NQ1R was in my ear. “You’re famous!” he said.

Turns out, one of our photos had been chosen to be the “cover photo” for the ARRL Facebook page! Bob needed a caption. Now, I’ve knowingly submitted dozens of photos to the League and might have accidentally sent a few I didn’t mean to send, so I wasn’t sure which one he had picked. I really, really was hoping it wasn’t one of the topless shots of Gary WBØRUR from the recent island activation.

We figured out the photo and thankfully it is rated PG. Andy K5PO took the shot at his shack during Field Day 2014.

Thanks ARRL! This is fine business.

ARRL caption(Click for larger version)

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