HamCom 2015: Success!

HamCom in Irving, Texas, was great. Andy K5PO, Gary WB0RUR, and Kevin K5KVN represented the Noise Blankers this year. Per strict club bylaws, all of the Noise Blankers cannot be at the same hamfest. This is a security precaution similar to “Designated Successor” rule used by the U.S. Government.  Nathan K5KAC was the chosen one this time and remained at an undisclosed location in what we guess was Madison County, Arkansas.

The flea market area was well-attending, the vendor booths looked great and the forums were good. The weather was good, too.

WB0RUR picked up a new V/U mobile radio, and K5KVN and K5PO both picked up new radio mounts.

The convention was in the Irving Convention Center, which turned out to be a fantastic facility. Read K5PO’s post about it here, where he challenges our hobby to make HamCom the biggest ham radio event in the U.S. Makes a lot of sense to us. See you there next year!

HAMFEST SCORE:  9 out of 10

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