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Our Mission:

Do radio stuff.
Have fun doing it.
Tell others how much fun it is.

Do radio stuff. Have fun doing it.
Tell others how much fun it is.

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Happy Birthday, Baby

What do you get a ham radio humor website that has everything?

A cake with a Baofeng candle!

A year has gone by since we started In that first year, we:

  • Published 93 HILARIOUS stories.
  • Deleted 3,538 spam comments.
  • Received 91 "Is this real?" inquires.
  • Got syndicated around the world.
  • Redesigned the site 1 time.
  • Crashed the server 2 times (see bullet point above)
  • Made $0.

Thank you for reading our site and putting up with our silliness. We sure have fun with it.

73 de The Noise Blankers Radio Group


Ham Hijinks Covered Dayton

The Ham Hijinks news team was very busy during the Dayton Hamvention making up news stories about the biggest ham radio event of the year. Those of you that stopped by to read and comment on the stories, we thank you. To those of you that thought the restroom story was real and called/emailed Dayton officials about it, we're still shaking our heads.

In case you missed it, you can read all of our Dayton coverage here.


What People Searched For, Installment #1

It's time for the first installment of "What People Searched For To Get To"

The data is real, and we believe it to be the true pulse of amateur radio today. And now, we give you a random list of actual search terms used to get to in the past week, with some speculation thrown in for good measure:

  • lady ham-radios yl on the air videos (We have some single guys in the club, so this may be our own fault. Likely, though, the searchers were looking for this article.)
  • what happened to 14.313 (We can go on and on about what happened to that frequency. But, we think folks probably found this story or this one.)
  • special mother in law (Don't we all have special mother-in-laws? This guy has one special enough to do a special event.)
  • ham operator hit (Is this related to the Ham Radio Mafia mentioned here?)
  • hamradio catcall (See bullet point #1)

Happy searching! We hope you enjoy the site.  - 73 de K5KVN -


Ham Hijinks On The Move!

It is with great surprise and wonderment that we announce that our satirical Ham Hijinks news articles at are actually being read by a few people. To say that we are giddy is an understatement. But wait, there's more!

In the past month, Ham Hijinks has gone international! Here are some of the places we have shown up:

We thank them for including us! If you would like to use any of our Ham Hijinks humor, just let us know. We're happy to share and would like to link back to you! Contact us with the details.