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Club President's Report for February 2013

The Noise Blankers Radio Group became an official radio club a few days ago. I forget the exact date, which will cause a great deal of grief to future historians researching this occasion; and/or lawyers performing due diligence for pending lawsuits.
The election of officers was done by secret ballot. In fact, so secret that some may not know they were elected as follows:
President: WBØRUR
VP and Trustee: K5PO
Chief Information Officer and Treasurer: K5KVN
Chief Attendance Officer: K5OY
Member: K5PO's XYL
K5PO created just enough paperwork to allow us to receive an official FCC-issued club callsign. This fantastic callsign issued randomly by the FCC is KF5TQF. No one could come up with a satisfying set of phonetics (the only thing even close was "TASTY QUICK FROZEN"), so the decision has been made to request a vanity call sign. This 2x1 or 2x2 callsign has not been issued yet so standby for updates! [UPDATE: We received WR5P on March 4th!]
If you have not submitted a bio and digital photo to K5KVN, then you may be simply smarter than the rest. However, we need it for the website. Check out

You will also find a series of compelling ham radio news stories which are loved by many, detested by some and ignored by most. We have branded these as "HAM HIJINKS." It's side-splitting humor, so please do not read these immediately after hernia surgery (looking at you, K5KVN).
The latest Treasurer's report from K5KVN indicates that we have no money. This is a great relief, as we would only get into trouble if we had a way to finance anything. However, if we could get ONE dues paying member we will eat like KINGS at our next organized event. Annual dues are $3,500.
We will meet soon to determine Field Day preparations. WBØRUR has raised the possibility of a "per transmitter point challenge" with another local club.  (Points divided by number of transmitters.) However, we must ensure victory before entering into such a wager. We will soon be forming a committee on sabotage; reply if interested.
This concludes the President's report for February 2013.
"Now THAT’S rare DX, folks!"

Reader Comments (2)

Greetings fellow officers, hams and all the ships at sea. I wanted to pass along that I will not be in attendance for the next five meetings or so. Would one of you mark me as present at those meetings? 73 de K5OY

February 25, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSteve, K5OY

Hey Gibbs, nice to see you finally got around to reading the president's report. While you're not attending meetings, can you at least try to get us a dues-paying member, please? -73- K5KVN

February 25, 2013 | Registered CommenterKevin Thornton

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