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Our Mission:

Do radio stuff.
Have fun doing it.
Tell others how much fun it is.

Do radio stuff. Have fun doing it.
Tell others how much fun it is.


3rd Annual Worked All Twitter Contest Nov. 27 – Dec. 1

It’s time again for the Worked All Twitter Contest (#WATwitter). This is a fun, loose “contest” to bring together those that love amateur radio and Twitter. The contest was the idea of Connie Bird Mah NR4CB three years ago to help amateurs that often chat on twitter about ham radio to get on the air and actually meet each other through the radio. The contest has traditionally occurred over the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

The Noise Blankers are a big fan of Twitter and of the #WATwitter contest. Most of the club has been active on Twitter for a number of years with dedicated amateur radio-focused Twitter accounts. I personally feel that given how much passion we have about amateur radio, it’s best to dedicate a Twitter account just to the topic. It allows you to use your callsign as your Twitter handle and keep the conversations fun and focused. Heck, The Noise Blankers collectively maintain five amateur radio focused twitter accounts in our small club alone!

In fact, we actually met one of our club members on Twitter! After exchanging a few Tweets with Nathan Shinn K5KAC, I realized that he shared our same odd sense of humor and lived just a few miles down the road. A short time and a few Tweets later we extended an offer to join our sorry excuse for an amateur radio club, WR5P.

And of course we have out ham-based humor account @HamHijinks where we post absolute rubbish stories mocking mostly ourselves. But I digress—the contest! I’ll leave it to Connie herself to explain the basic rules of the loose contest:

- Dates: Wednesday, 27 November – Sunday, 1 December 2013
- Who: Any licensed operator, especially those who use Twitter
- Where: All bands, all modes. To let as many people as possible participate, use the portion of the band open to the most people, i.e. the technician class portion of 10m, the general class portion of 20m, etc.
- Exchange: your normal exchange plus your Twitter handle, especially if it’s not your call sign.
- Spotting: Self-spotting is practically required. Tweet your frequency, interact with people on Twitter, set up skeds, get those states you’re missing for WAS, work old friends for the first time, and make new friends.
- Hashtags on Twitter: #WATwitter and either #hamradio or #hamr. Use these hashtags in your tweets, and search for others who are using them. Interact!
- Have fun! Log your contacts, tweet your tallies to others, but there are no scores or awards. This is about enjoying our hobby and connecting with fellow hams over the long holiday weekend.

We look forward to working many of you on the air. If you’re new to Twitter, that’s fine too! It’s a great opportunity to meet (and follow) many new ham friends and connect with them through one of the most popular social tools. It’s clear us hams like to connect and Twitter provides a laid-back, low commitment way to do it. The Twitter ham radio community is vibrant, growing daily and has been a great place to share DX stories, gear advice, make skeds and more.

For the latest on the contest check out Connie’s blog at, check back here, or follow the #WATwitter hashtag on twitter!

Andy, K5PO


Club Minutes - SOME REDACTED - October 2013

The Noise Blankers Radio Group met at Jose’s Mexican Restaurant in Springdale, Arkansas, on October 16, 2013.

Present:  Gary WBØRUR, Andy K5PO, Kevin K5KVN, Nathan K5KAC, Fred WD5DKA (and his harmonic, Travis)

Also present: a briefcase, a collection of Army figurines, a WW2 helmet, various handie-talkies

Not present: Steve K5OY (Chief Attendance Officer)

The waitress took the food order. Note: K5PO choose the “Taco Party.” This large festive tray of taco meat and toppings is intended for multiple persons; however Andy ate it solo.  Several alcoholic beverages were also selected by the club members.

Having a quorum, the club began the business portion of the meeting.


The club agreed again this year to support event communications for Wreaths Across America, December 14, 2013, at the U.S. National Cemetery in Fayetteville, Ark.  (This non-profit event helps place memorial wreaths on headstones at all U.S. National Cemeteries world-wide.)  Radio support is vital to the loading and unloading of shuttle buses at the Fayetteville event. Attendees are transported from a nearby college parking lot to the cemetery due to parking constraints. [Read last year's report]

All members agreed with Fred’s son, Travis, that hand grenades make a cool explosion.

An issue with the club's promotional window stickers was brought up by WBØRUR. The stickers seems to be peeling apart. However, this is now no longer an issue as he discovered another sticker he had forgotten about while cleaning the shack.


Attempting to hone finely crafted radio skills after years of neglect, WBØRUR and WD5DKA tried the “cross-band” repeat function set up by K5KVN on his Kenwood D-700. Using two of the “Amazing $31 Baofeng handie-talkies,” the group was able to use K5KVN’s very expensive vehicle and thousands of dollars worth of radio equipment sitting in the parking lot to talk across the table.  RUR asked DKA to “pass the salsa” via 440 in and 144 out. WD5DKA communicated that “we are out of salsa” via 144 in and 440 out. In all, the cross band function was deemed a success and it was agreed that this new-found ability will come in handy for the Wreaths Across America event.


It was agreed by all club members present that Hitler died in a bunker from either a cyanide capsule or gunshot wounds. The group seemed evenly divided on this question, although no one felt compelled to use our collective hundreds of dollars in smart phones and Google it.  We agreed that Eva Braun (like the shaver) was with him.


Treasurer K5KVN reported the club is running a deficit due to a number of expenses, such as web hosting. We agreed to raise the debt ceiling until February 1, 2014, and everything should be ok. It was collectively agreed upon that K5KVN should once again win the ARRL national video contest ($250 second prize) award so we can have at least some sort of funding.  


Brief conversations about K5PO’s Elecraft K-3 and K5KVN’s FT-DX3000, K5KAC’s dipole and WD5DKA’s “soon to get off the repair bench” mobile rig.

It was noted that K5KVN needs a tower.

There was additional conversation about how Hitler would have handled setting up his personal computer to use Logbook of the World.


The club currently has no gear for sale.  Members are in a constant “acquiring” state.


As another round of drinks arrived, club conversation turned to ██████████████ sitting across the room and the ██████ with the ███ ███. All agreed that ARRL needed to ██████ ███ █████████  - preferably ███████████████ – and do it by the Spring of 2014.

K5KAC mentioned he had a bad case of █████████ and the group would enjoy seeing ██████ before he goes to the physician. Photos were taken.

WBØRUR excused himself to go ████████████ on the ███. When he returned, he also ███ and ████ed.

It was agreed that Hitler would not █████████ nor would he ██████, but Travis thought he would probably ██████ before he █████ with Eva Braun. At this point, WD5DKA jumped up and ███ on the ███████, before knocking over his ██████ and offending the █████ sitting two tables away.  

Because K5OY missed yet another club event, it was decided that he should ███████████████ with much vigor.

It was agreed by all that the meeting should adjourn before the group was escorted out.

Respectfully submitted by club president WBØRUR.


When We Were Granted ARRL Affiliation

Once again, the phone rang. And just like the last time, it was first thought to be a prank call. However, today it wasn't money they wanted to give us. It was perpetual friendship.

As of today, the Noise Blankers are an ARRL-affiliated club. Club president Gary WBØRUR offered these words when Kevin K5KVN told him the news: "Someone find out what sort of responsibility that entails."

Heck, we are as surprised as anyone. If we were a national amateur radio organization, we wouldn't accept us as an affiliated chapter.

Even the shack cat reacted to the news with jaw-dropping amazement:




Ham Hijinks QSYs To New Web Site

When we launched Ham Hijinks in January 2013, we had no idea what we were doing. And that still holds true today.

Now eight months into it, we've decided to give her a makeover. A brand new Ham Hijinks website is ready for you! Go now and be one of the handful of visitors we will have today!

Please QSY:

New website:

New RSS feed link:

New Feedburner link:

Our club website and blog will remain here at But, for the ham radio funny, update your bookmarks to

73, and thanks for reading. -- Kevin K5KVN

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