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Our Mission:

Do radio stuff.
Have fun doing it.
Tell others how much fun it is.

Do radio stuff. Have fun doing it.
Tell others how much fun it is.


Ham Hijinks QSYs To New Web Site

When we launched Ham Hijinks in January 2013, we had no idea what we were doing. And that still holds true today.

Now eight months into it, we've decided to give her a makeover. A brand new Ham Hijinks website is ready for you! Go now and be one of the handful of visitors we will have today!

Please QSY:

New website:

New RSS feed link:

New Feedburner link:

Our club website and blog will remain here at But, for the ham radio funny, update your bookmarks to

73, and thanks for reading. -- Kevin K5KVN


Arkansas QSO Party: September 14

Our friends at Amateur Radio Klub of the Arkansas Northwest (ARKAN) are coordinating the Arkansas QSO Party once again this year. This is your chance to work some rare DX, Arkansas style.

The Noise Blankers will be working the party from individual home stations, so look for K5PO, K5KVN and K5KAC on the air. Gary WBØRUR will use special event callsign W5A for the QSO Party. [Read his blog for more info on that.]

  • QSO Party is Saturday, September 14, from 9 a.m - 9 p.m. Central Time.
  • Get rules, maps, etc., here:
  • Got questions?  Email the QSO Party Manager, Don Banta K5DB:
  • Where is Arkansas? See map to the right.

Field Day 2013: Success!

The Noise Blankers were at the shack of K5PO once again this year as 2E AR using generator power. It was another field day multimedia extravaganza.

  • We finished with 1,339 contacts and talked to all but a few of the sections.
  • Our shack webcam was viewed 369 times.
  • Watch archived webcam video. Be on the lookout for "topless hour" and the "Australian crawl."
  • Check out our photo gallery.
  • WBØRUR did a live radio interview with The QSO Radio Show.
  • Bonus points for the win! Kevin K5KVN is an elected official; K5KAC is a local firefighter. We did press releases on our website and Twitter feeds. And "Genny" provided the emergency power bonus.
  • We were all over Twitter using hashtag #FD13.
  • This website had several thousand page views and visitors in the days preceding and including field day. (Thanks for visiting!)
  • Our claimed score is 3,414.

See you next year for #FD14.


Getting Ready For Field Day

[UPDATED 6/20/2013]

Field Day Planning Meeting Minutes by: WBØRUR

The Noise Blankers Radio Group held their first and only Field Day 2013 planning meeting at 12 noon, Thursday, June 20, 2013, at Smokin’ Joe’s BBQ in Bentonville, Arkansas. The record will reflect that this meeting is being held 48 hours prior to the Field Day event.

Roll call was taken. In attendance: Gary, WB0RUR; Andy, K5PO; Kevin, K5KVN; Steve, K5OY

Not present: Nathan K5KAC, who is still recovering from eating a container full of bacteria-laden lunch meat several days earlier.

Also not present: Fred WD5DKA. No one seems to know where Fred is or why he doesn’t return our messages.  In fact, many club members have forgotten what Fred even looks like. FRED WHO?

The meeting was called to order: Two members opted for burgers; two opted for variations on smoked chicken. Three members had regular tea; one had sweet tea.  Jokes were made about “wet chicken” followed by a short discussion regarding the positive attributes of regular versus sweet tea.   

Field Day discussions began with WB0RUR indicating that he will go to K5KVN’s residence this evening to “check out his rig.” This was met with curious looks from the other two members wondering if this was a euphemism. IT IS NOT AND CUT THAT OUT.

K5PO and K5KVN have taken the lead on early preparations and everything seems to be in order thanks to the due diligence of these two members. They may receive recognition at the next club meeting for their efforts; BUT PROBABLY NOT.

K5PO led the discussion on last-minute needs. This included the topics of folding chairs, a brief overview of antenna/transceiver combinations, operator schedules and that it was really funny that some people thought our Dayton Hamvention Ham Hijinks stories were real. THEY WERE NOT.

This year, the Noise Blankers will inaugurate the callsign WR5P and there was much discussion regarding SSB phonetics for identification.  A final decision was not reached. Top contenders include:

1)    We Ruined 5 Pair (of Underwear)
2)    We Requested 5 Prostitutes
3)    Who Removed 5 Parsnips
4)    Willie Repeated 5 Performances

For obvious reasons, none of these received a majority of votes. OBVIOUSLY.

(left to right) K5OY and K5KVNThe Noise Blankers will be providing a live video feed of the operating positions again this year via the Noise Blankers HAM-CAM.  Throughout the course of Field Day 2013 there will be regularly scheduled “HAM-CAM” events, such as topless hour and “look we’re all barefoot” hour. All present indicated eager anticipation for the “Australian Crawl” bonus multiplier (see the Ham Hijinks story here.)

The meeting ended with agreement that we had no more idea of what we are doing now than before we started.  However, we will enjoy ourselves immensely.

The final piece of business took place when Kevin K5KVN  presented Steve K5OY with his official Noise Blankers club t-shirt (see photo).  Steve would have received this shirt last year when we activated Horseshoe Island in Beaver Lake. BUT HE DIDN’T SHOW UP.

The meeting was adjourned.

P.S. Fred, call us.

A Rundown of Our #FD13 Plans

Like many of you, our field day operations are part contest and part promotion. We use the event to hone contesting skills, use alternative power, try new gear/techniques and promote the hobby we love.

Ham Radio Field Day 2013Kevin K5KVN, an Alderman on the city council of Elm Springs, Arkansas, secured an "Amateur Radio Day" proclamation for the city. Read it here [PDF]. Ask your mayor to do a proclamation. It's easy!

Here is a rundown of our plans:

  • Operating WR5P (for the very first time!) as category 2E from the shack of K5PO.
  • Once again, the wildly popular live webcam in the shack! We will feed rig audio to the webcam, too.
  • Photos uploaded throughout the event in our photo gallery.
  • Videos uploaded to our YouTube channel.
  • Real-time info on our various Twitter handles, using hashtag #FD13.
  • As for anything else: we'll wing it.

What are you doing for field day? Tell us in the comments below.

If you are in Northwest Arkansas, you can also experience field day with ARKAN, the Benton County Radio Operators and the University of Arkansas club.

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