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Our Mission:

Do radio stuff.
Have fun doing it.
Tell others how much fun it is.

Do radio stuff. Have fun doing it.
Tell others how much fun it is.


2014 Arkansas QSO Party Results

How'd you do? Check the results, hot off the press from the ARKAN group:

We were thrilled to get this handsome certificate (suitable for framing) from ARKAN for our participation as a bonus station:

Read our recap of the contest and our experience as a bonus station by clicking here.

Did you participate in the Arkansas QSO Party? Let us know in the comment section...


What People Searched For, Installment #2


It's been a while since the first time we did "YOU SEARCHED FOR WHAT?!" So, let's open the hood again; this time for

We're not making these up. These are actual search terms that brought people to

  • Naughty SSTV - Easy now. This is a family show, OM. But if you really want to know, read this.
  • - See above.
  • Grumpy Old Ham Operators - Why would anyone search for THAT? Grumpy Ham Ops are rare, right? Those that *do* exist check in nightly to the "Bickering Net."
  • 14.313 - Never fail - this is ALWAYS in our search terms. Still, we hope the searchers learned more about the National QRM Frequency.
  • Amateur Radio Dating Sites - Aww, some lonely OM searching late one evening stumbled across our site looking for a QSO, if you know what I mean. We hope the OM found a YL by reading this story.

Who knew that web analytics could be so entertaining? That's it for this addition of "YOU SEARCHED FOR WHAT?!" We'll keep an eye on the stats and report back with more soon.



AR QSO Party 2014: SUCCESS!

It's pretty fun to be a bonus station in a contest. We were like Santa Claus, handing out a perfectly wrapped package containing 200 bonus points to good boys and girls. There were at least two QSOs that ended with us hearing squeals of joy in our headphones. That made us happy.

40m and 20m were the best bands for us, with a few QSOs on 15m and 80m later in the day/evening. We worked SSB and CW, with two transmitters.

We stayed close to Twitter, posting frequency changes on @WR5P, which resulted in several QSOs from folks who were keeping up with us. High five!

Early in the evening, we received an email from Bob W0GXA letting us know that Laci OM2VL was looking for us in his portion of the 40m band. A quick turn of the dial got Laci a QSO below 7.200. Nice!

Then, a tweet from Mike VE7KPM asking for our frequency, got him in the log five minutes before the end of the party. Whew!

The ARKAN group does a great job coordinating the AR QSO Party, especially Don K5DB. We thank them for choosing us to be a bonus station this year. We ended with 421 QSOs on four bands.

See for instructions on submitting your log (and getting those beautiful bonus points).

Gary WBØRUR (left) and Kevin K5KVN (right) were the ops for the Noise Blankers in the 2014 Arkansas (AR) QSO Party:

UPDATE September 25, 2014: Our log for this contest has been uploaded to Logbook of the World and ClubLog.


We Have The Bonus Points

Usually a contact with a member of the Noise Blankers Radio Group isn't worth the paper the QSL is printed on. But for one day, one glorious day set aside for the Arkansas QSO Party, you can get 200 bonus points for talking to us. Just work our club station WR5P on September 13, 2014, then submit those beautiful bonus points with your log. You can also get bonus points for working AA5AR, the ARKAN club station.

Just make sure you log the QSO with the correct state (AR) and exchange. FYI - here are some of the proposed but REJECTED Arkansas QSO Party exchanges:

  • Signal report, serial number and the last two digits of the year you bought your first pair of shoes [REJECTED]
  • Signal report, serial number and the number of cousins you slept with [REJECTED]
  • Signal report, serial number and the number of teeth you have left [REJECTED]
  • Signal report, serial number and the number of shoeless people at Aunt Gert's funeral down by the crick [REJECTED] 

To recap:


  • Log our state as AK. This ain't the Alaska QSO Party.


  • Work WR5P in the Arkansas (AR) QSO Party
  • Collect 200 beautiful bonus points
  • Visit for complete rules.