A Little Refresher

She’s only four years old, with decent mileage, but she needed a new paint job. So that’s what we did. HamHijinks.com has a new coat of paint! She’s got a shiny new look, many other enhancements on the back end and 73% more ham radio humor. Enjoy.

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Green Country Hamfest 2017: Success!

Another trip to Green Country Hamfest in Claremore, Oklahoma, is in the books. A good time was had a by all. And by “all”, we mean everyone but Nathan K5KAC. He had a special delivery coming to his house on Saturday so he stayed behind. K5PO, K5KVN, WBØRUR and K5OY pressed on.

This hamfest is consistently a good ‘fest. It has a nice flea market with good items, some vendors with new equipment, ample parking, restrooms with proper ventilation, a concession stand that opens early… AND BEER BEFORE 10:00 a.m.:

L to R: K5OY, a clock noting the time of day, K5PO and WBØRUR

We all picked up a few small items. Heck, K5OY might actually get on HF after purchasing a G5RV (no shame). We saw several hams from the Northwest Arkansas region who had made the trip and it was good to catch up with them.

After the hamfest, as any ham radio club worth its salt would do, we devastated the buffet at Golden Corral. But not before holding up the line while we took our #AKnightToRemember selfies:

See ya next year, Claremore!

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Wreaths Across America 2016: Success!

One of our favorite events of the year is the Wreaths Across America ceremony at the Fayetteville, Arkansas, National Cemetery. Wreaths are laid at every gravesite there; nearly 8,000. For the past five years, the Noise Blankers have provided radio communications for the shuttle bus service that runs from the cemetery to the parking area approximately one mile away. K5KVN’s Kenwood provides cross-band repeater capability and this year we transmitted on 2m and received on 70cm.

First up, it was time for a radio check:

We had Jeff K3DEI at the parking area to let us know when shuttle buses departed; Nathan K5KAC at the back entrance to the cemetery to park the tractor-trailers and motorcycles; Gary WBØRUR at the main gate to assist with disabled and VIP parking; and Kevin K5KVN and Steve K5OY on the road near the main entrance to re-direct vehicles to the parking area.

The weather was interesting. We started the morning at 54 degrees and ended with fog and drizzle at 38 degrees.

Enjoy the pics:

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Arkansas QSO Party 2016 Results

The results are in! How’d you do? The Noise Blankers Radio Group was happy to be a co-bonus station again this year. See you next year! Thanks to ARKAN for putting on the party.

Click here for 2016 Arkansas QSO Party results.

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We Have Bonus Points Again

Arkansas QSO PartyThese bonus points are burning a hole in our pocket and we want to give them to you. Work us (WR5P) in the Arkansas QSO Party on May 14th and you can have 200 of them.

You can also get 200 bonus points for working KX5AR, the ARKAN club station.

To recap:


  • Log our state as AK. This ain’t the Alaska QSO Party. We are AR.


  • Work WR5P in the Arkansas (AR) QSO Party.
  • Collect 200 beautiful bonus points.
  • Visit www.arkqp.com for complete rules.


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Wreaths Across America 2015: Success!

(L to R) Gary WBØRUR, Nathan K5KAC, Andy K5PO, Kevin K5KVN. Not pictured is Jeff K3DEI.

(L to R) Gary WBØRUR, Nathan K5KAC, Andy K5PO, Kevin K5KVN. Not pictured is Jeff K3DEI.

For the fourth year in a row, not one of us was physically hurt while directing traffic for the Wreaths Across America event in Fayetteville, Arkansas. However, some feelings were hurt when a guy in a kilt told us in no uncertain terms that he wasn’t happy with the parking accommodations. But that’s a story we’ll save for the 80m net.

Once again, K5KVN’s Kenwood D700 served as a crossband repeater, using 2m in and 70cm out. That configuration provided the coverage we needed from the cemetery to the parking lot at the baseball stadium a mile away.

A new addition this year was WBØRUR’s APRS beacon in a box, which we were sure would be tagged as a suspicious item by passers by. No problems there, thank goodness.

Here’s a video of the motorcade bringing the wreaths, led by patriot riders, veterans and other motorcyclists:

It’s become an annual tradition for us; a rare event that is placed on our calendars months in advance. We are honored to be able to use our skills/hobby in such a way. When the day was done, we had successfully controlled traffic and coordinated parking at the National Cemetery and Baum Stadium on the University of Arkansas campus. Thanks to WBØRUR, K5PO, K5KAC, K3DEI and K5KVN for another great event.

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Show Time with Fo Time Podcast

Keeping with the highest traditions of our mission statement, specifically the part that reads “tell others how much fun it is,” we were thrilled to be a guest on episode 40 of the Fo Time Podcast. Cale does a great job bringing a variety of ham radio-related guests with a laid back feel. That’s our style, too. Also, he has sponsors. We would like sponsors.

Give the show a listen and let us know what you think. Andy K5PO and Kevin K5KVN explained how we brought the group together, started Ham Hijinks and keep a fun attitude about the hobby.


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We’re ARRL Famous, for Now


The date was September 10, 2015. The time was approximately 2:00 p.m. local. The phone rings; it’s from Hartford, CT. There’s only one place that could be calling me from there.

I knew it could be either good or bad. Best case scenario, maybe we won another contest that we forgot we entered. Or, maybe our field day log was jacked up and they’re throwing out the whole thing.

I nervously answered. Bob NQ1R was in my ear. “You’re famous!” he said.

Turns out, one of our photos had been chosen to be the “cover photo” for the ARRL Facebook page! Bob needed a caption. Now, I’ve knowingly submitted dozens of photos to the League and might have accidentally sent a few I didn’t mean to send, so I wasn’t sure which one he had picked. I really, really was hoping it wasn’t one of the topless shots of Gary WBØRUR from the recent island activation.

We figured out the photo and thankfully it is rated PG. Andy K5PO took the shot at his shack during Field Day 2014.

Thanks ARRL! This is fine business.

ARRL caption(Click for larger version)

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Deer Island Activation: Success!

Another island activation is in the books. Gary WBØRUR and Kevin K5KVN set out on a three-hour tour to Deer Island to qualify and activate it as part of the U.S. Islands Awards Program QSO Party. This was the group’s second island activation.


Gear ashore!

The setup was pretty simple: An Icom-746Pro, multiband vertical antenna, coax, card table, camp chairs, generator, food for lunch and a hound dog. Here’s the gear (minus the hound dog) upon coming ashore. A suitable operating position a few feet from the waterline was quickly found.

Here’s WBØRUR showing the generator setup:

After 30 minutes of setup, the production of RF began.

Noise on the bands was high and it seemed like propagation was poor. It had its moments, though, as a VE in Manitoba was logged to count as one of the two required DXCC entities to qualify the island. SWR was funky, too. There was some head scratching over that, then it was ignored. Here’s Gary calling CQ in the poor conditions:


This island activation is brought to you by… BUG SPRAY.

A few ticks joined the fun, but nowhere near the amount encountered during the Horseshoe Island activation. K5KVN brought the bug spray.

After three hours of on-air time, the gear was packed up. We had enough QSOs to officially “qualify” the island, with several to spare. So, that’s a win.

Please QSL via LOTW. You can read Gary’s account of the day on his blog.

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We Had A Meeting!

Last week, we held an opportunistic club meeting/dinner/happy hour at Jose’s in Springdale (Ole’ for Jose’s!). “Opportunistic” because we all are so incredibly busy and rarely can all attend a club function at the same time. Thanks to K5PO for sending a group text asking if we were free for dinner.

Even Chief Attendance Officer Steve K5OY made it! Joking aside, it was great that Steve was there, because Andy K5PO had been keeping his celebrity crush on Steve under wraps for some time now. One frozen margarita later and Andy was telling Steve how he was “the weatherman of my childhood.” For many years, Steve was the top-rated meteorologist in the Northwest Arkansas television market. He’s moved on to bigger things now, but Andy couldn’t let it go. “You spoke at my school, dude!”

We discussed the upcoming club calendar. We hope at least one of us can make it to these events:

As a result of our scheduling conflicts of late, we discussed a new club slogan: “When All Else Fails… So Do We.”

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